After all those years away from Rhode Island, do you still tawk funny?

Yes. Especially if there is an argument and/or alcohol involved.

What's the most important thing to know about your shop?

For all clothing and shoes, please check each individual size chart. Just like when you try things on in a store, the same marked size can fit differently depending on the style. We carefully shop apparel manufacturers to get you the highest quality at the best price, but sizing can vary among them. We work to create a product you will love, and custom print each item you order just for you. So don't be a chowdahead - check the charts we have so thoughtfully created for you. Measure twice, order once and you'll love it.

How can I personalize a cutting board if I don't have a hand written recipe?

Not to worry, it's fully explained on the listing. You can choose from several fonts and we are happy to help.

I want to have a name added to one of the items - can I do that?

Some items have the option to personalize in their listing. However, if they do not, our designers are happy to help personalize an item if it's possible. Please contact us with your request and we will let you know.

I like one of your designs, but want it in a different color. Can you do that?

Maybe. Things like fonts are pretty easy to change, but abstract designs, not so much. You might inspire us, or maybe it can't be done, but we welcome your suggestions. 


Is there a quick-start-guide to Rhode Islandese?

We don't need so many letters in the alphabet. The letter "R" is an annoyance - drop it if it's actually in a word, or at the end of a word. If you really need it, toss it at the end of a word that doesn't have one. "Martha flagged down the waiter" becomes "Mahther flagged down the waitah." Don't work too hard trying to pronounce it. If there are too many syllables around it, just slide right over it so it sounds like a "V."  Cigarette = cigavette. Warren = Wavin.

"T" is often unnecessary. What = Wha.  Bottle = Bah'l. Button = Buh'in

Same with "G." Never, ever, use it at the end of a word. ...ing = in.

A few words you'll need to know:

Grindah (grinder) = submarine sandwich

Bublah (bubbler) = drinking fountain

Cabinet = milk shake

Gaggah = (gagger) A locally made Wiener, in a steamed bun topped with mustard, chopped onion, celery salt, and a “secret” (ground beef) meat sauce. Most assembled by the chef stacking several buns up his outstretched forearm and stuffing them like an assembly line. Most often consumed a few at at sitting, washed down with cawfee milk, after the bars close.